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Data Visualization and Computational Design made easy

Presenting NodeBox Live

NodeBox Live is a web application for data visualization and generative design. It integrates seamlessly with the web, transforming data from multiple services into interactive visualizations.

Node-based Visual Workflow

No coding skills? No problem. Connect nodes together instead of programming with code.

Visual Interface

Our node-based workflow shows what's going on at every stage of the project.

Access the Code

Write your own JavaScript functions from scratch — or customize ours.

Share and Contribute

Share projects with other people and re-use and remix each other's work.

Help Built-in

Contextual help is built right in along with examples and tutorials.

Unique Visualizations that Run on the Web

NodeBox Live is a modular toolkit that can be used to create unique generative designs and compelling visualizations that run on the web.

NodeBox Live bundles functionality in small connectable building blocks called nodes. Users can create a network of nodes as a generator for all sorts of graphic output.

Wind Type
Wind Type Milda Siulyte & Vincentas Kuodis


Work with CSV and JSON data or talk to an external web API.


Filter and aggregate your data using our practical data processing nodes.


Present your data using a collection of built-in shapes — or make your own.


Integrate your projects in web pages and add controls.

Designed by EMRG

NodeBox Live is designed by the Experimental Media Research Group, a research group focused on usability, computational creativity and artificial intelligence.

EMRG is affiliated with the St Lucas School of Arts and has been involved in open source software for 15 years.

EMRG has been a partner for numerous workshops with Aalto University, KABK and Density Design to name a few.

Starting from september 2018 EMRG will also be the driving force behind a new graphic design department, Studio Data, at Sint Lucas. We encourage students with interest in the field of coding and computational graphics to sign up to receive registration information.

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